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Now You're Cooking!

Now You're Cooking!

by R. F. Mariano
Every now and then a program like Now You're Cooking! comes along that simply put, "trips your trigger like no other." NYC is just that program. It is a Cookbook, a recipe database and database management-reference program all in one!  Now You're Cooking! does the job better than the premium priced commercial cookbook programs. Yes... we have them here too and as far as I'm concerned they're totally outclassed by Now You're Cooking!.

Instead of giving you a very dry and boring review... I'm going to tell you about my experiences both with NYC, (may be more than once, I really like this program), and the other programs we have on hand here as I was trying to assemble and make sense of all my recipes. You see, I'm a hobbyist gourmet chef by desire... I've been cooking for the last thirty years and have the recipes and girth <g> to prove it.

This is a great recipe program, very much a contender and winner over the commercial Mastercook program. Incredibly easy to use and is offered as Shareware. What I love about this program is the endless recipes that are available on the net ...more than a 100,000! This program has the ability  to import recipes in all kind of Formats. Mastercook, Mealmaster and other formats including text. So, the resources are virtually endless.

Further, the recipes are all in NYC format. I'll get to why such is the case in a moment or two. The actual import-export routines in most recipe management programs are a nightmare to deal with. Which one does this and not that but will do all in its own format but then you have to pass go and take a ride on the Reading for it to take place quickly and efficiently or... you can use NYC! This sucker does it all and like RIGHT NOW! I could not believe my eyes when I watched the speed of this program handing the imports from other Cookbook formats. It was excellent and unlike the commercial cookbook program, NYC does NOT GPF every time you move from one cookbook to another.

If ever I recommended a Cookbook program... and I have done so in the past, I must now say the one to own and use to your heart's delight is "Now You're Cooking" version 5.xx.

Editing a recipe is a snap in NYC... everything is at your fingertips.  No guesswork, no kludged graphics to wade through, simply put, this is one easy to use program sporting one of the friendliest user interfaces I've seen so far in cookbook software.

Help is only a click away.

One of the other features I like about this program is the Ability to zip your cookbooks so that even if you download the thousands of recipes that are available on the internet you will not suffer from a great loss of Disk space. One other feature that will save space is that if you have the same recipe twice you can get rid of them, this program will find and eliminate duplicate recipes.

You can also search across all your cookbooks for a recipes instead of opening each cookbook and performing the search. You also have the option of auto-categorizing of recipes, and the ability to customize this feature.

NYC is flexibly designed to give you multiple ways to get your recipes into it. You can also import recipes from numerous sources. NYC uses the USDA nutrition database, and is capable of providing a highly accurate nutrition analysis of any recipe from any source.

You can download the very latest shareware version of this program for a 60 day trial from Now You're Cooking's homepage at:

As an aside, STReport has awarded its highly coveted Editor's Choice 2009 (11 years in a row) Blue Ribbon Award to this program.  STReport Editor's Choice Ribbon is Awarded to those programs and hardware devices  whose excellence is clearly evidenced through their design and performance. A secondary, but most important factor is the support structure (updates and consumer)  surrounding said product.

UPDATE: 07/25/09 - - Now You're Cooking! was awarded STReport Editor's Choice Blue Ribbon for excellence in programming, support and customer service.  Congratulations to the folks at NYC! - - Works Great with Windows XP - Vista - Win7.

NYC 5xxx is the Cat's Meow!  Don't Hesitate....  Get it Now!


Download the latest version of Now You're Cooking!

Win9x, ME, NT4, Win2k, WinXP, Vista, Win7/8


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