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From the Editor's Desk...

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Clinton, standing before a Congress torn over his fate, proposed Tuesday to protect Social Security with the huge budget surpluses that Republicans are eyeing for tax cuts. He also announced the government will sue the tobacco industry for smokers' health costs. On a day of high drama that shifted from his daytime trial in the Senate to his prime-time State of the Union address, Clinton made no mention of the sex-and-lies case that led to his impeachment and imperils his presidency. But with the economy booming, Clinton declared, "I stand before you tonight to report that the state of our union is strong." Several Republicans boycotted the speech; Chief Justice William Rehnquist also stayed away, apparently deciding it would be inappropriate to attend while presiding over Clinton's trial. Clinton opened his address by recalling the admonition of new House Speaker Dennis Hastert for Republicans and Democrats to work in a spirit of bipartisanship and civility.

Its amazing! The country is doing very well financially. A balanced federal budget for the first time in decades, inflation going down for the second time in three decades and unemployment at an all-time low. It is also doing fine in the areas of health care and research. Of course, I didn't forget to mention law enforcement, its doing better than it ever has. Lastly, comes education, this is an area where the country is hurting. It must be enhanced. The Country's security is at an all time high with research and development for the Armed Forces well on its way into the new century.

Granted, Bill Clinton didn't accomplish these things alone, but it took his leadership and statesmanship to encourage the matters to fruition. Additionally, it is the general condition of the country that is the clearest indicator of the success or failure of a given administration. Clinton, even with his escapades has, with the help of his Administration done an excellent job. His ratings are still higher than any President in the last four decades.

While watching the State of the Union Address, I was distracted by the obvious demonstration, presentation or, should I say non-participation of the Republican side of the House. More obvious... was the absence of certain Republican "Leaders" and the stifled behavior of others who simply sat there like snide "bumps on a log". Why? Why must there be people in our government who simply refuse to get along and work together with everyone else?

If our children tried the tactics the Republicans used in any level of school, from grade to post graduate, they'd be out the door in a heartbeat. Yet we, as a nation, tolerate such clowns exhibiting weird, unsatisfactory behavior.  This... from the so-called leaders of our nation. The Republicans acted like a bunch of thugs who did not get their way. I must honestly say their actions have further fortified my convictions that the GOP is dead and far too stupid to lay down. It shall remain that way until such time as the partisan garbage exuded by them ceases by either new, competent folks who are elected or, the ones in office dramatically change their ways.



p.s.; for those of you who missed our Howdy Doody parody on Florida's Republican Representatives....  Here it is again.  I give full permission for any of my editorial comments about the GOP to be forwarded to Mr. Tom DeLay or, any of those in the Parody pictured below.  In fact, send a copy to each of them! 

btw, its Tillie (she who speaks Term Limits with forked tongue) Fowler that looks like Clarabell. All that's missing is Clarabell's NOSE. 

hdballot repub.jpg (212404 bytes)

Tillie... that hairdo, CRIPES!! IT'S AWFUL!! LOSE IT!
(One can only guess if she gets high from the hair spray!)
Wonder if Chuck Canaday picked on a waitress today?
(ask anyone at the Olive Garden in Longwood, FL.
What an egomaniacal CREEP!


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