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The tragic incident in Littleton Colorado brought many things to mind.  Most of all, the heartfelt compassion for the parents who lost their children. There are no words to express the true feelings of both those parents and myself.  Other than to say I grieve with you, for you and for your children.

What I have seen though, relating to the tragedy, is almost as horrid as the incident itself.  The fools who have jumped up claiming to be professionals in practically everything from child psychology analysis, criminologists to social behavioral scientists is just about the worst crop of fame seeking charlatans I've seen in decades. These goofs have attempted to blame just about anything and everything imaginable, from TV, comics, computer games to weapons, for this tragedy.  They are BOTH fools and false prophets in my book.  If you would please re-read my editorial from 12/31/98....(its on the website) you'll soon see the reasons for this and every other abhorrent utterance from today's children and young adults.  In a nutshell, itís the total lack of traditional family life.  Today's economy with its ever so high taxes and costs of living requires both the father and the mother go to business for the family to survive... if you want to call that a family.  Today's children are the product of our contemporary society.  It is murderously tragic in and for itself. 

We didn't see the kids from the fifties, sixties, seventies or eighties get involved in these horrific deeds.  Now, in the nineties... we have seen alarming numbers of the children born in the late eighties become heart breaking examples of modern day society.  A society whose values are far too materialistic and much less centered on character, morals and good behavior.  We must, if our social fiber is to evolve upward, rebuild the basics of our society.  That means re-establish the family as the traditional basic strong building block of society.  Raising children with strong trustworthy and moral character.  Then comes the Church with God's Law building a stronger moral and God loving character and only, after the traditional morals and character building are set, does government and man's law faintly come into view.

Without the original building blocks of our social structure; Family, Religion, School and Government we will continue to produce children with little or no moral foundation who are lacking the moral fiber and character to ever become substantial, productive members of a modern society.  Nannies, Day Care Centers, Substitute Moms and Teachers are not and never will be a replacement for the traditional Family regardless of the convoluted manner of justification.  A parent, natural or step-parent, in the home watching over, caring and nurturing the children is a must if the children are ever to present themselves properly to and merge smoothly into society.  Until we, as a society, make certain the basics of traditional family life are returned to (after all, its proven successful for how many centuries?) we are destined to see repeats of these tragic incidents again.       

I could be wrong, I don't think so.... If you disagree or agree, let's hear from you!

Ralph F. Mariano; Editor, STReport Magazine

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