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From the Editor's Desk...

The VAST majority of Americans wanted NO Impeachment... What did the Republicans do?  They elected to ignore the wishes of the American People.... Now they and their party will answer to the American People for many years to come.

Whatever became of Democratic Government that alleges to be....

FOR the People, BY the People and OF the People??


The Saga Of The Republican Apocalypse

by Ralph F. Mariano

Gotta tell ya.... Good Bad or Indifferent, all must pay attention to what's going in today's politics. Reps. Delay, Army, Solomon and Livingston along with Sen. Lott (all Republicans) have proven to me just what the word "PARTISAN" means. It's definition is no longer cloudy. It means selfish, self-serving, one-sided, and finally, horse-blindered. I must admit that I really should congratulate those mentioned above.. as they will, in their rabid Republican pursuit of President Clinton and the Democrats, just about ring in the death knell for the Republican Party as far as the Year 2000 Elections are concerned.

Sound strange? Consider this. The Republicans, as most know, outnumber the Democrats in both the Congress and the Senate. How then is anything to be voted upon that's to be considered fair when everything thus far, relative to Clinton, has been dead on the Republican "Party Line". For example, have any of you heard anything along the lines of "let's wait and see what the vote brings?" I sure haven't. The Republicans have boasted; "Clinton's Toast... He'll face a trial in the Senate and on the Senate side we hear Lott exclaiming "he'll get no deals here, I refuse to support him in this current action...." Cripes, the Republicans haven't left a bit of margin to or for democracy, they've got Clinton all wrapped up and shucked like an ear of corn. This is all before the actual vote. So much for Democracy and true fairness. Again a marvelous example to set for our country's youth. The younger set hears left and right that the majority of Americans want NO Impeachment. Yet they see the government stampeding toward just that! Totally ignoring the wishes of the country's taxpayers and citizens.

Now, let's look at one of two bottom lines... the whole shtick is over.... Clinton has been ousted and the Vice President is in. President Al Gore has a very special "ring" to it. Its called incumbent. Its also called... a seasoned, well versed and very well liked politician. Ah.... you're beginning to get the picture. President Al Gore will be part of the Presidential Elections in the year 2000. The Republicans PUT him there. Any of you realize how difficult it is to unseat a sitting President running for election? Take a look at history.

Of course, the other bottom line is Clinton is NOT ousted..  instead the censure option is taken in the Senate and now we see Bill Clinton still in Office.  What has the Republican party accomplished?  They hung themselves. Oh sure, they did a number of "wonderful things"....

  • They made it abundantly clear they care not what the public wishes...

  • They lost a Speaker of the House (its only the beginning)

  • The Republican Leadership, in their Blind Zeal, brought the Democratic Party Closer together

  • The GOP will be handed the most embarrassing loss they have ever endured in the Next National Elections.

Now comes the loudest footfall. This is the heavy weight. People such as myself and untold scores of others will not forget how the Republicans totally ignored our wishes relative to impeachment vs. censure. Oh, how we will thank the Republican vendetta for having opened our eyes to egomaniacal politicos and how we are now able to dump them like so many hot rocks. The Presidential Elections for the year 2000 will result in a Democratic majority the likes of which this nation hasn't seen since the FDR era.

We will all owe a debt of gratitude to the four horsemen of the Republican Apocalypse.

Delay, Army, Solomon and Livingston.

They did their job well.

They did... the G.O.P.  IN



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