Dubya's Report Card......

USA - Government For, Of, And By the People?
(Only When Its Convenient)

04/06/02 - An Editorial by Ralph F. Mariano - Editor STReport Magazine

Back When George W. Bush began his campaign for the US Presidency, I had a few things to say about what I foresaw for this country and the world if he succeeded in "winning" the election.  Just about everything I foresaw is coming to pass. You cannot begin to imagine how much, at this time, I wish I were a fishing guide or simply a worker somewhere deeply involved in what I was doing and not paying attention to current events. At least I could find some comfort in being "un-informed" as far as US Politics and Government are concerned.  You might call this editorial a "Report Card" or just a closely made observation relative to the President and the US Government in general.

At the time George W. Bush began his formal campaign for the US Presidency, I dubbed George W. Bush's, Dubya's, campaign; the beginning of the "Bushwhacking" of the USA.  You cannot begin to imagine the "heat" I took over telling it like I saw it. Between him and "JEB", his brother and Governor of Florida, we were to experience a new "brand" of politics. I had hoped for a refreshing change to the positive.... Oh well:  All the editorials are available to read on our editorial page.  Its all there. <sigh>

Here we are today, under Dubya's guidance or the lack of it on the brink of World War 3, watching the world's opinion of the Israelis slowly erode from an oppressed nation of good people to a blood thirsty oppressor, seeing our children die in (tribal-led opium producing far-away hell holes) strange lands for oblique and clearly double-talk filled reasons, while here at home... doors are being kicked wide open to allow radical, ultra conservatives to no longer gradually erode US Citizen's rights but to blatantly trample the Bill of Rights with obvious joy. The US Constitution and the very sacred principles this country was founded upon are now in dire jeopardy.

The US Supreme Court Tramples Taxpayer's Voting Power

First, came the US Supreme Court's astounding decision to literally hand the disputed US National Elections to George W. Bush & Co.  This Court is sworn to uphold and Protect the US Constitution.  I honestly feel they missed the goal and betrayed the US citizens with an amazing degree of outright arrogance.  Or, in other words, we saw in this Supreme Court's decision the power of the US Taxpayer's national vote totally discarded and treated as nonsense. The "glorious" State of Florida, whose Governor is "JEB" Bush, Dubya's brother, provided enough confusion, delusion and subterfuge with its chads, counts, appearing and disappearing absentee ballots and re-counts to ultimately allow the election to be decided by a few politically appointed people sitting on the US Supreme Court. A voice of the people?  Hardly!

The manner in which George W. Bush became US President will long be an embarrassment to this country and its constant preaching of Democracy and "Let the Voice of the People be Heard".  With this administration, the voice is heard and routinely ignored.

The Phony Recession Exposed

Second, Dubya starts "Yapping" about the USA falling into a serious recession.  I still say that was total BS, an effort on the part of Dubya and his administration to force through his non-sense $300.00 tax "rebate".  In fact, many of today's financial analysts agree it was the "recession that never was". But more importantly, it was done to push through the tax reforms favoring Big Money and screwing the screws tighter and tighter on the taxpayers and America's dwindling working middle-class.  That "middle-class" of US taxpayers is fast becoming part of the new.... two class system appearing in the USA, the Have's and the Have Not's.  Oh sure, there are many in the "middle-class" who'll say I'm doing ok... but are they really?  They are so mired in the quicksand of debt that if.... one month's income is lost those people are on bankruptcy's doorstep. I might add, in married households both must work to survive, and if they should miss either partner's income.... the house, car, boat, furniture, appliances, jewelry etc., goes and goes fast.  Of course, they do not have the extra financial resources to bury hordes of wealth like the CEO of Enron did.  Dubya's actions in this Tax Reform debacle clearly showed his hand and was about to sink his Presidency before it began on a firm footing.  To finance all this garbage they were going to munch on the Social Security Reserves destined for the nation's retired and elderly folks.

Patronage is Alive & Well

Third, we find the new Bush administration being put together with a "herd" of either ex-Enron top executives or those strongly recommended by Enron.  Enron, now there's the key to what's wrong with government in the USA today.  Big money and power talks and the little guy who's paying the bills through heavy taxation takes it in the neck.  The new Vice-President, Dick Cheney, formulates the "new" US Energy policy with the full guidance of Enron's "stellar" influence.  Suddenly, we see California's taxpayers being raped by energy costs promulgated by the slick dealings of Enron sales of energy at highly inflated costs through its subordinates and contracted flunky's.  It was a good thing California's State Government reacted quickly or else Enron would've ultimately covered its bankrupt, criminal tracks at the expense of California's taxpayers.

Enron practically owns the US Government or at least did until they were exposed as crooks.  How many Bush cabinet members are directly or indirectly involved with Enron? How conveniently that has become "hushed-up" in the last few months.  And.. they are still in Government in their Dubya appointed positions!!  Better yet had Enron not been exposed as thieves and opportunist gouge artists, the US Taxpayer could easily have been victimized worse than Enron employees were.  After all, Enron was preparing to reach out to its "buddies" (from the President, his cabinet & Congress) in the US Government to help themselves to US Subsidies ($$$$) to bail out the corrupt Enron Corp.  This was all building from almost day one of Dubya's Presidency.  After all, Enron practically OWNED Texas when Dubya was Governor there.

Events of 9/11 Our Government's Own Fault

Fourth, The USA gets slammed with the events of September 11, 2001..... Nobody in the largest, most powerful, sophisticated government the world has ever known saw it coming. My heart still weeps softly for the victims of that day's events.  My anger erupts when I thoughtfully ponder, where have the BILLIONS we spend as taxpayers for the proper protection and intelligence gathering to detect and prevent such events gone? Now many months later, it is easy to see but difficult to recognize that the US Government is rotten from within.  Good old boy appointments to high positions, party time on US taxpayer funded credit cards by high military officials both in the regular services and the National Guard, goofy rules and regulations formulated by the pinheads running the Federal Agencies that truly hampered in-depth investigations and last but certainly not least, a US House of Representatives who spent the previous decade doing nothing but peering into Clinton's closet and sex life.  We must never forget how they neglected their sworn duties to the US taxpayers to serve the people and protect the US Constitution, the country, and its entire population.  Instead, we watched a constant procession of "Sex and the Government" bubble to the surface of the swill pool of government. I can only imagine how quickly the nefarious plots against the US would have been discovered had they pursued the International Subterfuge as aggressively as they hounded Clinton.  In effect they.... were and are (The House of Representatives) truly responsible for the events of September 11.

As an offshoot of September 11, Dubya... benefited the most.... his sinking ratings soared sky high with his memorable speeches, especially  the "State of the Union" address...  Daffy Duck could've delivered that speech and become a National Hero.  Dubya, George W. (Dubya) Bush and his clan of appointed cronies are still, in my book, a bag of phonies, failures and merchants of double-talk.  The double talk is so thick that most Americans simply say... "I don't understand all that gobbly-gook, so I just go to work, go fishing and let the cards fall where they may".  Others say, " I go with the flow because I can't do a thing about what the Government is doing, I'm just a little guy with no say."

Fifth, as a result of September 11, the goofy flannel mouthed politicians in Washington jump up with all sorts of unprecedented radical Bill of Rights destroying measures, suggestions, proposals and laws to "safeguard' Americans.  Folks, I say they are busy painting the US Taxpayer into a corner.  A corner where the politicians can easily monitor and observe every Tom, Dick and Harry in this country to ensure their OWN (the politicians) protection and safety from the coming backlash from the general population of this country once they begin to realize exactly what's being done to their rights and the rights of their grandchildren.  As of today, the working man of the USA and the world are more deeply enslaved by big money men and politicians than at anytime in recorded history.  Think about it ...are you free?  Really free?  If you say yes ...you are kidding yourself. 

Personal Privacy and Freedoms Disappearing

Additionally, you are going to be hobbled and chained to a National ID card... (GI's fought Germany's Nazi's because of their violations of Human rights, Human Dignity, etc..)  Today we are fast as a nation... attempting to implement many of the things the Nazi's put in place to tightly control the populations of both Germany and the Nazi conquered nations of Europe.  But today, Dubya's cronies call it "Home Protection",  "National Safety" or who knows what the next "trick words" will be.  The Spin Doctors (Propagandists) in Washington D.C. make the father of propaganda, The Nazi Joseph Goebbels look like a "babe in the woods".  When the people of the USA finally wake up they may find its far too late to do a thing about the constraints and controls they find themselves engulfed in.

Sixth, The House of Representatives seems to be fully populated by greedy politicians that are totally controlled by Big Business' money.  When was the last time you saw any laws proposed that truly benefited the common working man in this country?  Americans work their butts off on a daily basis to be able to buy the necessities of life, educate their children and try to enjoy their later years through retirement savings.  Is this not the case?  It certainly is.  But those Americans will find when it comes to being fully informed through reading, hearing or viewing the truth about what is going on in the nation and the world as a whole they are being shortchanged.. 

You see,  many of the controls are already in place and many more are in the pipeline set to be rammed down the throats of all citizens of the world. Citizenry Control and Censorship come in many forms.  Can you honestly say you can tune in and watch what is actually going on in the middle east? Hear or read about what is going on in any city of the USA?  Go ahead, try... tune in a newscast from a local area in any city... you can't!  Can you see the Israeli side of the story by tuning in a TV station in Tel Aviv?  Not a Chance!!  Can you tune in to any Arab Nation's TV and see their side of the story?  Get the picture?  You are told only what you are supposed to hear and absolutely nothing more.  I no more fully believe what CNN or Dan Rather have to say from the Middle East than I do the teachings and preaching of Adolph Hitler.  I know, that's a radical comparison but honestly doesn't it make the point clear?

Today's House of Representatives is Pro Big Business

Today's Legislature in Washington D. C. no more cares about the average Joe any more than you care about the welfare of the insects in your garbage pail.  If they did... Parents in the USA would not have to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to educate their children... Like many other European countries, if the student makes the grades... the education is provided. NOT in this country. Believe this... the system in our country is in place to ensure there are enough factory workers to fill the needs of big business.  How?  That's easy, by making the cost of a college education so expensive as to limit most to a minimal high school education. Four out of ten American families with two children or more can no longer afford to send those children to institutions of higher learning unless they mortgage everything they own and stay in hock until they die.  As a result, there's your work force, built into every generation, for factories across this "great nation".

Legislature "Bought & Paid For"

Today's Legislators are busy proposing "control freak" laws left and right.  From the way you eat, drive, work and play to the manner in which you will use your computers, if you can afford to own one in the future.  One prime example is the absolutely zany actions of Senator Fritz Hollings... he and Senator Dianne Feinstein have proposed a bill (CBDTPA) that will allow the US Government to DICTATE what the hardware in your computer can or cannot do!  All for Big Business... the RIAA and the MPAA.  Those two organizations have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to these Washington goofs to get the "good" Senators to pass laws to protect their income.  Instead, I propose that the RIAA and MPAA devise better methods of marketing and sales to further improve their income.  But no.. they want the easy way out.  "Buy some politicians, get laws passed to once again give it to the little guy in the neck."  Where is Dubya while all this garbage is going on??  Is he our President or, the President of Big Business??

Seventh, we... as a nation took it upon ourselves, near the end of world war two, to help nurture and support a newly founded nation. That nation was and is Israel.  Why did the USA do it?  Oh, we so piously said it was because of our dedication to humanity and democracy.  I believe it was because of our national guilt for having turned away the ship "St. Louis" that sailed from Nazi Germany filled with Jews seeking asylum and refuge from the Nazi death camps for Jews. Hitler made a mockery of that sailing.. in so many words he offered the trip to any Jews who wanted to take advantage of getting out of Nazi Germany.  He said if any country wants you they can have you.  The refugees on the ST. Louis were refused safe refuge everywhere, including the USA. Well, the ST. Louis eventually sailed back to Germany and those people met their Nazi fate.  That is one of the many "guilt trips" this nation went on because of ignoring the "Final Solution" occurring in Europe by the Nazis.

Once the war was over and the "Cold War" was on the horizon, it became necessary for the USA to import many of the Nazi's who enslaved Europe's Jews in war factories to the USA so we would have German technology.  For example Werner Von Braun and the entire V2 Rocket program of Germany's and of course the ME-262 German Jet Fighter plane that could have, if mass produced only a year earlier, changed the course of the European conflict. So now, it was ok to have ex-Nazis living in our midst.  Why all this??  Because of the permissiveness of that time and the parallels of similarity being drawn today.

Will Israel Be Betrayed Over OIL?

The horror of what's going on in the middle east with people strapping explosives to themselves and entering large crowds, gatherings, restaurants, places of worship etc.. and then blowing themselves up is mind numbing.  Where is Dubya and his cronies?  At his Texas ranch busy telling Israel to "Back Off".  Is one left to reason that Israel is supposed to not defend itself and allow the atrocities to continue unchecked?  Ridiculous?  You bet! But it sure looks that way. What are the reasons for allowing these atrocities to continue??  OIL - OIL - OIL...  Israel has no Oil to offer.  We dare not offend the Arabs lest the world's fossil fuel economy be toppled by their cutting off the OIL to Dubya and his buddies.  Why did we fight in Desert Storm for Dubya's Daddy?  OIL - OIL - OIL!!!  Why are we at odds with Libya's Kadafy??  OIL!!!  Dubya and his fellow Texans have their life's blood tied up in Oil.  While the Cold War was raging, Israel was valuable to the USA as a strategic ally and a base of US Intelligence operations.  Today, with our new "Arab" buddies (who are not really)... Israel is forced to take a back seat.  I would not be surprised to see the Israelis forced to bite the bullet and bow to the Arab and Palestinian demands through Dubya's intervention.

Israel has stated the very same thing Dubya has said "We are at War with Terrorism".  Its OK for Dubya, but Not OK for Israel.  I hope and pray we (the USA) are NOT left looking like fair-weather friends with Israel.  At this point in time, it sure looks like Israel is, in Dubya's eyes, expendable.... I hope not. All this for OIL and Big Business.  Ever hear about the giant US corporation that holds mortgages on entire Saudi cities??  Try researching Bechtel... better yet, ask ex-Secretary of State under Reagan; George Shultz all about it.  We must not abandon Israel, not even in the slightest or the USA will never again be trusted fully by any Nation.  Not today... not ever.

International Diplomacy Now a Total Failure

Is Dubya an International Statesman?  No! Has he really shown the resolve and determination to bring peace to the world? No!  Has any of the efforts of his appointed cronies produced positive results in the Middle East?? Afghanistan? Pakistan? India? North Korea? Or, anywhere else the USA is hated and plotted against?  NO!!!  All he's managed to do is whip the US citizens into a patriotic frenzy by bombing the hell outta of a bunch of mud huts in Afghanistan.  By the way, did you know that Afghanistan produces a very high percentage of Poppy Crops that yield  most of the world's supply of Opium??  Opium is refined into heroin, the true killer drug. The USA's policy while in Afghanistan is to "not touch" the Poppy Fields.  What's up with that kind thinking?? We have the ability to remove the poppy fields and teach those very same farmers how to grow food crops.  Why is this not happening? What is the real underlying reason?

In all honesty, I believe that as a US President and an International Leader, George W. Bush and his Administration is a miserable failure.  Further, the gesturing and flag waving has done nothing more than disguise the real designs of his administration to erode your civil rights.  Remember, it was his Daddy who said after Desert Storm "There will be a NEW World Order".. A world where a centralized government will be in place where, the rights of "citizens of the world will be more aligned".  That means the citizens of the USA would undoubtedly have to give up many of the freedoms they enjoy.   I wonder if the campaign of establishing a new world order at that time is still very much in progress.  The names may have changed but the game sadly remains the same.  The little guy gets in the neck.  We are all indeed being Bushwhacked.

Who else, in history, expressed that "There will be a New World Order"?? Hitler did.

Will the World's Leaders & Their Governments EVER Wake Up?

Today in the USA and the world in general; Anti-Semitism is growing in leaps and bounds.  Why?  This is horrible. We are all human beings.  What is wrong with our society?  Have we become so self-centered as to abandon the basic teachings of our elders??  Can't we all live under "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"? If governments, made up of mankind, would follow that premise... the little guy would no longer take it in the neck.  The world would be at peace.  but no, greed, envy and lust for power have become the order of the day.