Thanksgiving is upon us and We have MUCH to be Thankful for
This past week I had the wonderful opportunity to experience the stupidity and callousness of a typical well heeled redneck goof trying to muscle his way around.  Needless to say, my joy was in being able to recognize this goof for what he was... Here's the skinny; (with no names, of course, as I wouldn't want to drive this half-wit to unpredictable behavior amidst his tears and angst.)

The day after arriving home from covering Comdex in Las Vegas, I found a pretty nifty email from a local wealthy "Bully Boy" Republican.  This "local" shall go un-named but if.... you know this site you will soon see the obvious as far as this local is concerned.  Mind you, I do not know the motivation for this goof's actions but its pretty easy to draw some conclusions by the manner in which this Yahoo runs off at the mouth in his email.

I present:

"xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx  demands that you terminate this web page, we are not affiliated with STR news nor any links on this page. There was no written agreements of any kind with Ralph Mariano and we do not wish to have this webpage any longer. xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx does not support any views associated with this page.  

xxxx x. xxxxx
General Manager
xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx"

Needless to say... I was quite surprised at this fool's yapping about signed contracts etc., we've hosted the web page for this outfit for three years and now, after having attended to numerous changes and updates provided by his people this goof wants flap off about "written agreements".  All of a Sudden after three years, and subsequent to STReport's challenge of the Republican Voting and Governing in the State of Florida , do we find this petunia jumping up wanting to try to "hurt" us by pulling his webpage.  This guy has to be anal retentive!  Its less work for us, and certainly it takes the web presence of this outfit and puts it in the toilet. I guess this goof never, ever smelled the coffee.  Talk about cutting off one's nose..... to spite his face. 

As an aside, I politely but firmly informed this "enlightened individual" that his company had given us the photographs to be scanned for the website and the logo was handed to us by the person who was and is in charge of the area spotlighted by the webpage.  How people become unglued like this fool is beyond me.  I have no idea where this buffoon is coming from but I do know this, the statements and actions exhibited indicate another in the long line of the hot-headed "good ole boy - Redneck" my way or no way attitude.  I guess you could call it a spoiled rich boy attitude. 

In any case, the fact remains he hurt himself not us.... I did however, let this Turkey know that Nobody but Nobody influences or dictates by whatever means the editorial content of STReport.

Thanksgiving is this week and we have plenty to be thankful for... I'd like to wish the very best of Thanksgiving to all our readers.