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The Campaign, The Debates & Computing. What does it all add up to?

by R. F. Mariano

Ever wonder who was telling the truth?  They all are! Really!!  In their own little worlds.. they, each of the candidates, believe they are telling the truth and... in fact, they are because they plod along the party lines.  In the "Old Days" the Party Line was called "the plank, the platform"... Confused?  I didn't think so.  So far though, it is the Gore - Leiberman plan that makes the most sense. At STReport, we embrace the  expression; "Telling it like it is".  In the case of this Presidential Race, out of common sense, we have no choice but to endorse the Gore & Leiberman Ticket. Bush & Cheney scare the dickens out of us.  Big Oil, Big Money... Big Ego = Wars, huge national debt, tight money and ultimately, recession.

By making the endorsement STReport is saying a number of things to its readers. To begin with we feel Bush & Co., are out to corral the US economy and funnel it back to the already wealthy wasps who really need no more wealth.  They already enjoy a stranglehold on the country through control of big business and in particular, the Oil and Energy Enterprises throughout this great nation. Thus, we want nothing to do with the Republican; Bush - Cheney onslaught. 

How many of you watched the Debates?  According to, (ahem) independent, non-partisan News Media Polls enough folks did watch to make the debates worthwhile.  The factors here are the public's impressions of those involved in the debates.  In this area, in our opinion, the Major TV news Networks fell flat on their faces.. their so-called polls differed tremendously from the actual public reaction to the debates by at least 360 degrees!  How many of you felt Gore had Bush on the ropes?  How many felt Bush was (toward the end) simply babbling? and finally, how many were offended by Bush's continual snorting and uhming and ahhing throughout the debate.  Could the snorting be an indicator of the runny nose syndrome brought on by a deviated septum or continued use of snow? Bush was, in a nutshell, the picture of a wiseguy who was being forced to hold himself accountable.  He exhibited an attitude of contempt for Gore and showed it through his continued "smirks" at most everything Gore had to say.  I'm surprised Bush didn't smirk and argue when Gore gave his name.  

One other point, during the debate... Bush continually chided Gore about why the current Administration didn't do this and didn't do that.... That rebuttal was too easy... 

During the past eight years, the Republican dominated House and Senate hammered, filibustered, stonewalled or otherwise killed just about everything recommended, submitted or proposed by the current administration. Additionally, the Republican led House and Senate spent the best part of the last eight years trying to destroy the Clinton Presidency.  They neglected just about everything else they were elected by the taxpayers to do. From Gingrich's "Republican Revolution" to the cessation of Henry Hyde's impeachment process, the Republicans ignored the real reasons why they were elected and in Washington DC.  We feel things will only get worse with neophyte Bush and war monger Cheney.  After all, we the voters in Florida have already enjoyed the Bush mindset in GW Bush's brother.. "JEB" Bush. Oh, how we regret having this goof as Governor.  He is no more Governor material than Elmer Fudd.  The entire State will come to regret his being in office soon enough. God help and preserve this nation and its Constitution if Bush gets in. 

The American Electorate for the year 2000 is by far, the most literate and informed of any nation since the beginning of recorded history.  These upcoming elections will offer an insight into the future no other voting generation has had the opportunity to do.  As such, we will see the polls cast aside as so much BS , we will see the Party Lines cast aside for the same reason and we will enjoy seeing the Voters make informed, intelligent choices based upon the ease the Internet affords each and every voter in this great land to seek and digest information about the candidates.  The voters have an almost infinite resource in finding ways to reach the Internet and use its magnificent resources to learn the real facts about these upcoming elections.

On the local scenes, both yours and ours, its a very different story.  Truly, its a matter of Voter Beware.  I've never seen so much double talk and pure BS coming from candidates as I have this year.  Believe me, I've watched many, many campaigns and elections.  Too many!  Not one candidate at the local levels are addressing the actual issues facing the Voters... Nope!  NOT ONE!!  Incredible as it seems this is a fact of life among the grass roots politics of this country.  The voters seemingly gobble this type of campaigning up as if it were manna from heaven.  The muckraking, mudslinging and outright character assassinations are a horror.  Why are we, as voters, taxpayers and moral Citizens allowing this to continue?  I haven't a clue.  Unless of course one wishes to offer the truth that most voters are numbed and immune to the pure BS blathering pouring through the TV during Prime Time and especially the 6 o'clock News Time. 

Here in our town, the PARTISAN slant proffered by the Media outlets is disgusting.  Once again, I see where they and the politicians they are subtly supporting use little or no finesse. The efforts are so crude they become openly evident as to what is going on and frankly, to me that's insulting.  These giants of the media, the news outlets, TV, Radio & Newspaper should be above partisan politics.  If they want to support a particular politician fine, then support that politician by open endorsement. We have seen where the networks etc., avoid subliminal advertisements yet when it comes to politics... is it really true "anything goes?"  

Truth is, these giants are fearful of offending the advertisers who are spending MEGA-BUX with these outlets.  Thus, the local TV, Radio and Newspapers seemingly engage in extremely indirect support.  None of them refuse to run the muck-filled political ads because the revenue is strong.  Sorta like; "selling your soul to the Devil."  Whatever became of Political Candidates addressing the issues effecting our daily lives? 

In closing, I say ignore all the hype, both good and bad... get on the Net and check out what these goofs are saying. You'll easily find the truth.  If you care to.  Most importantly please register and vote!

I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simply point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

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