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Will the Judicial System ever Catch UP?   UPDATE  Thomas Penfield Jackson example

by R. F. Mariano

The "Honorable" Fed Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson may be a great guy and a fine Jurist... but as a guru of modern day technology and all its rampart and ramifications, he fails miserably.  But... He is not alone.  Have you any idea of how many Attorneys, Paralegals, Law Clerks and Judges from most every jurisdiction have no idea what they are either doing or talking about when it comes to computing, computers and the world of high technology?  Oh, they may put on a great show, but in reality, they're totally ignorant as far as the High Technology world is concerned. In fact, hang on Bunky, the numbers are staggering!  Last count it was at approximately 82% of all in decision making positions of the legal community are in the dark when it comes to high technology.  Hoping to ease the technology ignorance gap ... Jackson called in a Collegiate Buddy, Arthur Lessig to help with narrowing the gap.  Unfortunately, for the world and MS, Lessig was a PC user alright but a MAC PC user!  Not an Intel, MS PC user.  Lessig was, as far as the i386 architecture was concerned, equally in the dark.  Yet incredibly, Jackson used this "professional's" opinions and advice in forming his landmark decision in the MS Anti-Trust Matter.  

One can only wonder when the Federal Judicial System will be of, for and by the People.  It is not that way today and this particular "version" of the DOJ is obviously rife with egomaniacal individuals bent on making names for themselves.  The current DOJ and its Administration is the very bloodiest and most inept this country has ever been forced to endure.  Janet Reno is as much a failure today as she was when State Attorney for Florida's Dade County ..Richard Gerstein's shadow had more smarts than she..  There is great speculation that she was appointed to the position of Attorney General to appease two political factions in this country.. the ultra feminists and the lesbian factions. Of course this would soon prove to be at the expense of true justice and the people of this country. There its been said.  Just as Hoover was a closet homosexual -- Reno has her own agenda.  Frankly Mr. and Mrs. America, I could care less what his or her closet bedroom preferences are, but when it comes to matters directly effecting me and mine...  Such as allowing Federal Law Enforcement Agencies to run wild and shoot 'em up from one end the country to the other... then run elaborate cover-ups, re-instate wacky agents when things cool down and either lose or produce evidence as needed... then it becomes abundantly evident the entire scheme of things need total and complete re-examination.  Our Country's Forefathers must be spinning in their graves.  

Once the National Elections are done and the new Administration is in place, the first head to roll should be Reno's!  Along with her, each of her department heads must go.  Folks, these Department Heads are supposed to have brains, be intelligent and capable of making conscientious moral decisions.  Yet each and every one of them allowed the atrocities and injustices to continue at will for the last eight years. From Ruby Ridge to Waco and a liberal sprinkling in between like the highly questionable Vince Foster matter... Reno's DOJ trampled this country's tradition of truth, justice and the American way.  Janet Reno will go down in the annals of history as having guided the bloodiest, most ruthless DOJ administration in the history of this country.  Thank God, change is in the wind. 

Speaking of National Elections .... its amazing to see Bush & Co., blathering about the inactivity of the Democratic Administration for the past eight years.  DUH!! Hey Georgie Boy!!  It was the Republicans who spent the last eight years thwarting every proposal made by the Democratic Party.  Also Georgie Boy, did you  "accidentally" fail to notice the six and one half years the Republicans wasted trying to get Clinton?  Your speech writers and campaign strategists must really think the majority of American voters are turnips.  No.... mushrooms!! Georgie, your campaign people are continually trying to keep the voters in the dark and fed BS.

Folks, don't forget about the "Republican Revolution" with Newt "The Beaut" Gingrich at its head... and then the constant Partisan badgering in both houses, then... finally the rabid pursuit of Clinton over White Water, Jones then Lewensky.  Talk about accomplishing nothing for the past eight years... the Republicans WROTE the BOOK! The Republican Party should and really, must hear from the voters about dissatisfaction over their performance in engaging in partisan politics for the past eight years. The Republicans must be handed a resounding defeat in these upcoming National Elections.  

Especially those goofball candidates who insist upon running negative muckraking campaigns.  These goofs should be addressing the pressing issues facing the American Voters but NO, they're too busy slinging mud.  

Like McCollumb (R) in Florida! This guy is a double-talking mudslinging loser! 


Three cheers to Rep. Corrine Brown (D-FL) for having survived the onslaught of the Republican Party in trying to have her dumped over a bunch of non-sense. Why is it I can't get the thought of watching Rep. Tillie Fowler (R-FL) help orchestrate this foolhardy attempt at character assassination. 

I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simply point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

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