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What has Happened to the Real World? nVidia "Shystering" 3DFX!

by R. F. Mariano

There are times I ponder; "just what is going on out there?"...  Who is suing whom, who is buying out whom, who instigated proceedings purposely to bankrupt a competitor....  Why is all this trashy behavior going on?  The first fool that jumps up and states "its the world of business.... the real world.  I'll jump right down the throat of such a fool.  This so-called business world has been concocted by greedy corporate lawyers hell bent on garnering a fortune at the expense of thousands of good people 'round the world. Those people are known as users, computerists, etc.. 

As an example; take this garbage going on between nVidia and 3DFX.  This has to be the legalistic "Crime of the Decade".  Why?  Yes, it is a complicated deduction mainly because we have, at the fulcrum of this problem, a government agency that knows little, if anything, about dimensional computer video  graphics, its hardware, chip structure, code and problem free integration into today's machines.  The latter being commonly called compatibility.  As long as we have brain dead government agencies at a critical control point and crossroads in these arbitrations there is a wide open gold mine out there for smart mouth attorneys who are ready, willing and quite able to jump all over these situations chasing the almighty buck.  The shame of it is; the buck ultimately comes out of the user's pockets.  
The nitty gritty of this jazz is nVidia filed extremely vague patents with the US Patents Office and as usual, as long as an accredited Patent Attorney oversaw the filing, seemingly, the clerks at the Patent Office allowed the Patent to fly right through.  As a result, nVidia has a number of extremely vague patents registered relative to computer devices and their use.  Simply put, these patents encompass just about everything that has to do with computers, computing and their use.  How does this happen?  In a word, incompetence.  Where? At the US Patent Office. Why?  The Clerks etc., at US Patent Office are either far too trusting or, lazy.  

The bottom line as far as this reporter is concerned is, those at the US Patent Office haven't a clue about the patents they are granting!  (Sorta like the old horrid adage of: "shoot 'em all and let God sort it out")  We elect our governmental representation and expect the the very best will be provided in the interests of citizens and taxpayers.  In the case of the US Patent Office, the country's taxpayer's are being gravely shortchanged.

Now I ask, I thought that an Officer of the Court, (an Attorney - Bar Member) was sworn to uphold certain basic standards like "Truth, Justice and the Constitution".... why is it the US Patent Office permitted nVidia to file patents that "quite literally" patent each and every one of our computers?  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that nVidia has some pretty sharp lawyers behind this extremely evident scheme to do harm to 3DFX....    nVidia should re-examine its position in these matter and the US Patent Office is in need no, desperate need of revamping with competent, honest people who will ensure the proper patents are filed.

3DFX is busy trying to defend itself against this ridiculous, monopolizing nVidia onslaught but in so doing, its going to cost 3DFX big bux.  nVidia's obvious goal is to hurt 3DFX financially by tying up tens of thousands of dollars in legal maneuverings. 

How odd... I was under the impression for the all my life that the company that proved itself to have the better product by the votes of the consumers (who vote with their dollars) would always come out on top.  How naive of me.  Apparently, it boils down to who has the slickest lawyers and deepest pockets.

I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simply point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

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