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by R. F. Mariano

Be careful Bunky, be very careful.  The inconsiderate spammers of yesterday are today's "elite" of webscammers.  Sure, they made spamming "work" for them in the late eighties and early to mid nineties but it caught up with them.  Those who "scored" big are still around waiting to prey upon unsuspecting Web Users, New Business Owners, prospective business owners and overly trusting dupes who are waiting to be taken to the cleaners. 

Spamming made some wiseguys a great deal of money early on in the eighties and nineties but late in the nineties, users became fed up with clogged bandwidth and choked pipelines.  ISP's started to knock the spammers off-line and users united to fight the sleaze brigades.  The users were, to a large extent, highly successful. Those few Spammers who made bux are still around and trying many other approaches to "score" once again on the net.  Remember... there is no free lunch!  

One way or another... you are going to pay for whatever it is they're generously offering "as free"  Like ... ten reasons.. The first reason is unwritten; you bit the bait.... the other nine reasons become a tirade of litanies to beg you to spend your entire lifetime's savings away.... chasing carrots. Be very careful. Be very, very careful.

The big scam these days is the "free reports" (In Chicago, they'd call it a "Jag-Off" - anywhere else it would be a RIP-OFF. I like Jag-OFF for it kinda fits the hand-job that said "he" knew it all... spammers will always finish last. When they approached us to host their website, It was decided to take a long hard view of their intentions... As a result, they are NOT nor ever will be hosted on our servers.  Need anymore be said?  

These free reports offers are circulating throughout the net on websites and through email like "10 reasons" for anything imaginable are disgusting. Don't casually avoid this garbage; RUN from it as fast as you possibly can, you'll protect your bank account and future prosperity like never before.

THERE IS NO FREE! ANYTHING!! This stuff is "BAIT" and if you bite will get hooked.  Hooked either by being placed on a hot new sucker email list that's being sold by these sleaze artists or by going for (buying for big bux) further reports and paying hard earned cash for these reports in hopes of finding the magic carpet to riches.  P.T. Barnum was obviously correct... there is a sucker born every minute and a hustler waiting to greet and fleece each and every one of them. Be very, very careful....

Spamming today wears many different hats but when all the chafe is cleared away... it is still slimy, crooked and very much still spamming. Besides which, every active spammer who thinks he's made the crossover is STILL  a limp prophylactic.  Maybe even USED and very moist at that!  Avoid these black-hearted hustlers at all costs. The price to be divorced from this garbage is cheaper by the dozens of times per second than one single slim moment of one's reputation.

Scammers, Spammers, Confidence Artists, Con Artists and shifty "Promoters" need to be avoided like Chicken Pox among adults.


I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simply point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

STReport Editorials may be copied, forwarded and duplicated - as long as they remain intact.

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