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Indian Trails
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Ron Nizuk and Glen Drake
Job Well Done!

Pastor Noel Roberts and Ron Nizuk proudly display one of the new signs
to be erected in the neighborhood to warn unsavory elements to steer clear!

The Neighborhood's Covered Dish Picnic: 11/13/99

Food, Food, Food everywhere and all of it was wonderful. In fact, the variety was staggering.  From traditional all-American dishes to the very finest in Oriental favorites and exquisite treats.  One of the hits of the afternoon were the wonderful Oriental delicacies made by Paul & Zeny Burbos.  The PIES were pretty good too.

The attendance was pretty good considering the Gators were on TV and it was a glorious day weather-wise.  Alberta Hipps attended and offered a sympathetic ear to anyone willing to "tell her all about it".  Thanks to Council Lady Hipps for being so patient.

Got an appointment with the Mayor?

The Pie Man

Culinary Delights Everywhere!!

Hot Dogs and Hamburgers Galore!

Grills everywhere makin' goodies!

City Council Woman Alberta Hipps

The Man of the Hour.....




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