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Indian Trails
Neighborhood Watch Team

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1- Meeting One
2- Meeting Two
3- Meeting Three

Ron Nizuk and Glen Drake
Job Well Done!

Pastor Noel Roberts and Ron Nizuk proudly display one of the new signs to be erected in the neighborhood to warn unsavory elements to steer clear!

Meeting Number Two: 10/7/99

The second meeting in what one and all hope for a long and resourceful tenure, the Indian Trails Neighborhood Watch Team began planning its future (including a block party), while at the same time promoting fellowship among their neighbors. This meeting had MORE attendees than the first one did.

This reporter strongly urges any other Neighborhood Watch Team Organizer, active or future, to contact the organizers of this marvelous Team.  I've attended a number of NW meetings and what is usually the case, the attitudes of; skepticism, leave it up to the other guy, cynicism and the downright disdain of activists was more evident than the desire to rid their neighborhood of Criminal Elements.  But this was and is not so at Indian Trails.  These folks are genuinely interested in each other's safety along with the protection of their property and their lovely neighborhood.

Indian Trails is different!  They have a genuine set of  goals and great leadership. Those goals are to make their neighborhood the safest in Jacksonville.  To rid their neighborhood of an arch criminal and a few of his cohorts who are involved in all sorts of nefarious criminal activities.  This goof is like a sugar cube to the low-life insect criminal elements in this city.  On an almost daily basis, one can easily observe all sorts of trash visiting and thus penetrating this lovely neighborhood.  Finally, the members of the Indian Trails Neighborhood Watch Team are after and will secure the peace and quiet one expects in a neighborhood as natural appearing and well kept as this one is. 

Officer Gary M. Oliveras offers the group
some fine suggestions

Officer Wells distributes the handbooks with assorted decals and forms to the attendees. Barbara Wells really has a difficult job in as much as she must please everyone... well, almost. Its not an easy task. We all thank her for her fine efforts.

The attendees (larger than the last meeting) listen to Officer Barbara Wells offer advice and hints
as Ron Nizuk distributes auto decals.

Glenn enjoys a quiet moment the piano.

Neighborhood people kept arriving throughout the evening. This neighborhood is really top notch in its "concerned to be a safe neighborhood" goals.

With the full support of The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office...
The Indian Trails Neighborhood Watch Team is assured success!



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