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STReport Spotlight & Salute

Indian Trails
Neighborhood Watch Team

Explore Indian Trails Crime Watch

1- Meeting One
2- Meeting Two
3- Meeting Three

Ron Nizuk and Glen Drake
Job Well Done!

Chief Bennett is Introduced
by Rev. Noel Roberts

A quiet, well kept neighborhood is, in a matter of months, thrown into the reality of today's social evils.  From purposely set fires, telephone taps and tampering to Demonic Rituals then finally, to the so-called "West Side Mafia" Chieftain carrying on his "business as usual"...  This lovely neighborhood has had enough!

From the Satanic Rituals to the intimidation and threats from the Westside Mafia goof... we see the good folks of Indian Trails have come together to rid their neighborhood of the Criminal Element that has, for some time wreaked havoc upon these poor souls.  The Neighborhood Watch Team is now up and running and believe this.... the "wise guys" had better watch their step.  These folks are sharp, on the ball and very well organized.  So much so that it becomes necessary to mention that other Neighborhood Watch Team organizers ought to get in touch with these folks for some valuable hints, help and ideas

STReport salutes the Indian Trails Neighborhood Watch Team.
God Bless You.... one and all


Chief Bennett addresses the Indian Trails Neighborhood Watch Meeting

Natural Beauty Abounds at Indian Trails.
Its fairly obvious these folks are
proud of their homes and neighborhood.

From the youngest to the oldest.... they're ALL here. All ready, willing and able to help! Over 130 folks were in attendance

This is the Telephone Junction Box..
 thieves were using to make calls
on other's phone lines

Officer Barbara Wells addresses the meeting

A burnt offering...
 When will the MADNESS STOP?

The crowd just kept getting bigger and bigger once they learned they could help themselves rid the neighborhood of the lowlife criminal elements.



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