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The City of Jacksonville; Duval County, Florida

Special! Editorial Series about Florida Governor "JEB" Bush!!

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DRM - The user rip-off of the decade!  The Control Freaks Take Over Your Computer!!  
Judge Sauls decision; the correct decision or, the decision wanted by Florida's Political Powerbase? Because of a strong Republican Majority in Florida's Legislature, they have decided to DICTATE who will be President of the USA! 
No More Bushwacking - Bush is  noT a Politician or statesman a short but interesting Story about a Goofy Redneck and pressure politics
nVIDIA "SHYSTERING" 3DFX The MIX in Campaigns & Truth
Technology & True Justice WEBSCAMMERS & SPAMMERS
High Tech, Justice & Politics Venture Capitalists Causing the Roller Coaster NASDAQ?

Notable Editorials, Opinions & Essays

  • Florida's Candidates-Take a Good Look - Editorial by R. F. Mariano 4/27/02 - 2002 is a pivotal year in elections for Florida's voters. Never has so much for so many been at stake. From the local County Elections to the Statewide Elections, we all must pay particular attention to the candidates. We must pay close attention to what they stand for. By that I mean their qualifications, aptitude and above all else if they are incumbent or have prior political experience, how did they vote? What did they sponsor? Were they independent thinking, voter responsive? And above all else, did they address the issues effecting voters or did they simply vote along "party lines"? READ NOW
  • DUBYA'S Report Card-Waffle Diplomacy, Editorial by R. F. Mariano 04/06/02 - Back When George W. Bush began his campaign for the US Presidency, I had a few things to say about what I foresaw for this country and the world if he succeeded in "winning" the election.  Just about everything I foresaw is coming to pass. You cannot begin to imagine how much, at this time, I wish I were a fishing guide or simply a worker somewhere deeply involved in what I was doing and not paying attention to current events. READ NOW
  • VeriSign Labeled "Bungling Idiots"... Editorial by R. F. Mariano & Staff 03/07/02 - In the beginning, there was Visoncommerce.Com, owned by Eric Leberis and hosted on STR Publishing's Servers. Mr. Leberis programmed STR's servers making Visioncommerce the host server and DNS server. This combination worked well for well over two years. Then suddenly..., READ NOW
  • Napster vs the RIAA & MPAA... Will Gnutella win the battle? Editorial by R. F. Mariano 05/01/01 -  Now, that Napster is a mere shell of its former self, the RIAA should be PROUD to have forced their will down the throats of fifty million or more of people around the world.  ...READ
  • The Judiciary... Are they really up to speed technologically speaking? Editorial by R. F. Mariano 09/08/00 - In today's Computing World, Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson proves the Judicial System, at every level, in this country is woefully lacking when it comes to knowing about, understanding and being capable of utilizing today's computing technology. READ
  • Shystering 3DFX... Editorial by R. F. Mariano 09/01/00 - When Hardware and Software providers begin to use the US Court System as a competitive tool to ruin their competition, the real losers are the users. READ
  • Web Scammers & Spammers! Are the Scam artists and Rip-off Artists aiming at you? -- Editorial by R. F. Mariano 07/21/00 - They are making a come back but are very much in disguise.  They appear as legit, standup businessmen.  But watch out... they are indeed wolves in sheep's clothing.... READ
  • Certification or a FREE Ride? Is this action worth the effort? -- Editorial by R. F. Mariano 01/07/00 - One week into the New Year and Millennium... anything different? Can't prove it by me. Recently though,  I had the "good" fortune of visiting one of these licensing, instructional centers for computers and software that are endorsed by Microsoft and the Testing Center that does the MCSE, CNE etc. certification tests.  On all outward appearances... READ
  • "JEB" BUSH.. BAD for FLORIDA?, QUALIFIED? ..OR, TOKEN & PATRONAGE APPOINTMENTS? -- For the last few months... most individuals in NE Florida who held an interest in the political and judicial communities kept an eye and an ear on the Governor's Office and the appointments being made to the fourth judicial circuit.  So far, "Jeb" Bush (Republican) has proven to this reporter that he has learned his back room patronage lessons well. Read

  • OPPORTUNISTIC FRIENDS, FAIR-WEATHER FRIENDS How many of you know of or, have experienced what a "fair weather" friend is? Let me clarify with the expression; "opportunistic friend".  Ah.... I knew you'd start to get the idea.  Here it is in a nutshell. Read
  • Littleton Colorado, What or Who is Really to Blame? -- Editorial by R. F. Mariano - 04/23/99 - Horrible simply Horrible! Is the most honest expression to be heard.  The "charlatans" are a dime a dozen, the so-called "analysts" and "experts" are popping up all over like mushrooms after a good rainstorm.  The truth is; the answer to the main question; "WHY?" is very clear. - Read

  • JAX City Council Election Scheme... Fair or Unfair? -- Editorial by R. F. Mariano - 04/16/99 Jacksonville City Council Elections leave so many taxpayers/voters un-spoken for and truly not represented.  This editorial is a must read for Citizens of Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida. - Read

  • TILLIE FOWLER.... Foul Ball or Homerun? You decide!  She Blasts Clinton and Ignores Milosevic -- Editorial by R. F. Mariano - 04/10/99 - Is Tillie Fowler (Rep Congresswoman) for real?  Didn't she learn anything from History?  She is my age so really,  there is no excuse for her not knowing of WWII, the Holocaust and all its horrors and especially why it came to be. Is she really this naive or is she mouthing the far right Republican Zealot line? AGAIN! - Read

  • Where do the REAL LIES STOP?  Will HYDE and his HENCHMEN EVER Wake up? - The GOP ZEALOTS continue to LIE saying; "The People Want This!" It is a Bold Faced LIE!  -- Editorial by R.F. Mariano - 01/22/99 - Its amazing! The country is doing very well financially. A balanced federal budget for the first time in decades, inflation going down for the second time in three decades and unemployment at an all-time low. (This Editorial has the infamous Florida Republican Rep. Parody Picture) - Read

  • The Moral Decline of the USA - One of the Reasons Why Things are The Way They Are -- Editorial by R.F. Mariano - 12/31/98 - Unbelievable.... Christmas here and gone and New Year's Eve is right on the doorstep. This has to be the fastest year I've seen yet. What, in the order of significance, have we seen in the past year? To generalize we've seen greed, avarice and immorality magnified to highest levels ever seen in public. - Read

  • The Republican Apocalypse - The Day the GOP Chose to Ignore The Wishes of the American People --  Editorial by R. F. Mariano - 12/19/98 - The Republican Party chose to ignore the wishes of the majority of Americans.  The American Taxpayers and Citizens wanted NO Impeachment of President William Jefferson Clinton, the zealot far right of the Republican Party Ram-Rodded the Articles through the House. Read about the two very decisive directions this action can take the Country's future. - Read

  • The Presidency - "To Be a Target or Leader?" -- Editorial by R. F. Mariano - 08/21/98 - Has the Office of President of the USA become an equal to a carnival dunking stand?  Where the political party that lost may spend the duration of the Presidency taking pot shots at the President, dig deeply into the personal lives of the first family, use any means at their disposal to incriminate, vilify or otherwise destroy the reputation and credibility of the Office? Read this editorial and let us know what you think about the entire affair. - Read

  • Ken Starr - "A Modern Day Inquisitor?" -- Editorial by R. F. Mariano. - 02/01/98 - One would never think that a Special Prosecutor could become "Obsessed" with an assignment. After all, they’re supposed to be the epitome of Judicial Professionalism. Or, are they? Read about the escapades of of this "Special Prosecutor" - Read

  • Cell Phones & Motor Vehicles - "As BAD as Driving DRUNK!" -- Editorial by R. F. Mariano. - 01/09/98 - How long must the conscientious drivers of this nation be forced to endure the extreme dangers posed by Cellular Phone Users who insist upon Yapping on the Cell Phone while operating a Motor Vehicle? Statistics have already proven; "Cellphone Yappers" are as dangerous, if not worse than DRUNK DRIVERS! "required" reading. - Read

  • DOJ - Tilting at Windmills AGAIN? -- Editorial by R. F. Mariano. - 10/24/97 - Whaddaya know! Ole Janet (Waco & Ruby Ridge) Reno is at it again! Persecuting Microsoft. This time though, I'm willing to bet she's throwing up a monstrous smoke screen to hide her "pussyfooting" around the Slick Willie Campaign $$BUX$$ issues and the abysmal failure of the Justice Department to put a stop to the runaway Drug Problems this nation is suffering from. Yes sir, the DOJ is a master at diversion. Imagine that! And... its not even national election time yet. This editorial about the "Diligence" of Janet Reno's DOJ is "required" reading. - Read

  • HONG KONG - A Promising Future? -- Editorial by R. F. Mariano. - 06/30/97 - What do the currently free and prosperous citizens of Hong Kong have to look forward to? Will Red China show her true colors and crush this beautiful city? Why must we see history begin to repeat itself? This editorial about the "TakeOver" of Hong Kong by Red China is "required" reading. - Read

  • The REAL KILLER WEED - KING TOBACCO! -- Editorial by R. F. Mariano. - 05/09/97 - What's going on?? The United States of America's Federal Government is acting weak knee'd and indecisive?? Tobacco is KILLING more US Citizens and Costing more Dollars in Medical, Lost Productivity, Lost Wages and Disability expenses than Drug & Alcohol Abuse. Why are the negotiations & trials coming up in favor of BIG Tobacco? This editorial about the recent Big Tobacco Liability Trial held in Jacksonville, FL. is "required" reading. - Read

  • The DOJ, Bill Gates, &Microsoft -- Editorial by R. F. Mariano. - 06/16/95 - Judging from the frantic rush to prejudge, persecute and prosecute Microsoft, it would appear the Justice Department's priorities have dramatically changed. Have they really eliminated drug smuggling, dealing and use? Is it possible the DOJ is politics driven after all? Dole attacks the Entertainment Industry to gain votes for his Presidential bid. Did it help or hurt his chances? The Gates Haters in DC are a strange lot. One can only wonder what they are really "all about". Some say they're not entirely "up front" about their origins and who is really funding them. This editorial is good reading. - Read

  • BBQ, OS Wars & Gates Haters -- Editorial by R. F. Mariano. - 06/09/95 - From school's out, to fight night of the OS's, to "Gates Haters" this editorial has a bit to say about them all. As usual, its stated just the way it is. This is a good start at exposing the nonsense MS is forced to deal on an almost minute to minute basis. This is a good read. - Read

  • Exxon, Internet & Bill of Rights -- Editorial by R.F. Mariano. - 05/26/95 - This editorial addresses the dangerous directions being taken by a few outspoken politicos who are trying to "Clean up the Internet". Mariano points out that while they are trying to do this they are effectively destroying the Constitution of the United States' Bill of Rights and in particular, the Fourth Amendment. Get the whole story - Read

  • Online Services Days are Numbered -- Editorial by R. F. Mariano. - 05/12/95 - This editorial deals with one of the TOP reasons the "Old Line" major online services have been challenged and whipped at their own game by "the new kids on the block". Especially Internet, The Web etc.. Read all about it. This one should be required reading for the Online Services Executive Corps. - Read

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